1984-85   KUDO/Las Vegas


First FM gig. It was a soft AC. The music was really depressing...but I was on FM. I thought I'd made it! The boss was a stickler for formatics, unrelenting and inflexible. He did cure me of the "with ya's" and "good Tuesday evening to ya's". He also taught me the art of not sounding like a crusty old, crutch-ridden DJ. Accepted no experimentation on air where personality was a factor. Boring, boring, boring. Same songs over and over and over. "Valotte" from Julian Lennon comes to mind. Had to quit. After the first couple of months, the only satisfaction I got out of the job was leaving at the end of my shift---not show---shift.

KUDO's former location, now the
MGM Grand in Las Vegas

KUDO format letter

KUDO Format Part 2

At a remote

KUDO Bad Music Log

KUDO Pay Stub

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