1998   WWDB-FM/Philadelphia Media Pictures

They were going to go for the gusto, they were going to get those younger listeners---but then they decided they would get them without upsetting any of the older listeners. 

Under “normal” circumstances this may have been a reasonable plan, however there was a slight problem; 47% of the audience was over 55 and 28% was over 65---and that was after the older numbers started to drop off! Very tricky situation. As long as you have the tools and upper managerial support, you have a shot at it. Unfortunately, we had neither. I may as well have had a 3rd class ticket on the Titanic.

The only person who seemed to "get" what I was doing on air was the consultant, John Mainelli. He liked me more than anyone in management, but unfortunately he had the least control. It seemed that in spite of his impressive credentials and track record, they didn't listen to much of what he had to say.  Interestingly, it appeared that the higher you went up the management ladder, the less talkradio sense and intuition you would find. Very difficult and chronically frustrating situation.

I do, however, owe a debt of gratitude to the managers at WWDB. Without their help, my recent root canal would have seemed much worse.







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