The big generic stuff, in a nutshell...

The right of the mother comes first, and that's it. No one has the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body--or for that matter, with whatever's growing inside. HOWEVER, I do support a parental notification law, simply because a parent has the right to know if such a procedure is being performed on their child. 

Affirmative action
Answering discrimination with more discrimination never made sense to me.

Frighteningly, most people are still quite ignorant on this subject. The whole concept of "safe sex" is a joke. Condoms allow you to be stupid. Some still think it's a gay disease. What year is this? Ignorance is truly bliss.

Assisted suicide
Few people have demonstrated selflessness the way Dr. Jack Kevorkian has. He should be honored, not persecuted.  

They seem to want less government, but a much more intrusive government. They have tremendous trouble separating church and state. Where business is concerned, they want few or no regulations. Profit and money reign supreme at the cost of whoever or whatever. Successfully deluded many a redneck into believing they are on their side. Ironically, the more extreme conservatives would likely be more comfortable living in the fascist-style society they claim to fear so much.

Death penalty
I wish states would reinstate the electric chair as their means of execution. It's so much more romantic.

Texting-while-driving -This is far worse than drunk driving, yet doesn't have nearly the social stigma that drunk driving has. I would rather take my chances against a drunk behind the wheel than someone who's texting. Why? Well, because at least the drunk is watching the road. Not enough people have been killed by texting drivers YET. Eventually, hopefully, more people will come to their senses. Until then, fines and punishment for repeated offenses should be significant.

Teens - The worst and most dangerous behavior and/or decision making that I see on the road, is perpetrated by teenagers. Their judgment and maturity level are simply, as a whole, NOT sufficient for this particular freedom. Tighter restrictions should be employed, up to and including raising the age at which they can receive a license. I couldn't care less how much of an inconvenience this creates for lazy parents who are tired of driving their kids around.
Elderly - They're not much better than teens when it comes to their safety record and being a detriment to others on the road. Loss of driving privileges can create a tremendous hardship, but not as much as loss of life.

Alcohol - Since alcohol is legal, marijuana should be as well. I believe alcohol is actually more dangerous.
Marijuana - Harmless. Should only have the same restrictions as tobacco.
Cocaine, heroin, etc. - If people want to go off and overdose....see ya' later! Get them the hell out of jail, though! Wasted space.
Testing - If you have a job that deals with public safety, tough luck. Clean up your act or don't accept the job.

Live and let live, just don't throw it in people's faces for the hell of it. That causes unnecessary resentment. Whoever made an issue of "gays in the military" is a moron. It's funny how some people don't think something exists until THEY find out about it. Marriage - At first I thought "hey, gays shouldn't be able to get married! That makes a mockery of the whole institution of marriage!" Then common sense set in, and I thought "Wait a minute: How does gay marriage undermine the institution of marriage? Answer: It really doesn't. What DOES undermine the institution of marriage, is the incredibly high divorce rate! I'm not sure how anyone can make sense of the idea that two people of the same sex getting married somehow undermines or diminishes YOUR commitment to YOUR spouse. Is life so long that people can afford to be so concerned with such nonsense? Some are so ridiculous as to want to taint the Constitution with an amendment concerning this BS.

If people who committed crimes with guns were locked up for the actual amount of time they were sentenced to, this wouldn't be such a big issue. Yes, I'm for background checks (why contribute to the problem if it can be avoided?). I am, however, entirely supportive of any law abiding citizen owning a firearm. Don't tell me I am not allowed to defend myself from the animals out there that the system is often incapable of dealing with. 

They apparently like more government, but with more limited powers in certain areas. They like to give our money away. Conservatives like to give our money away too, but they prefer to give it to people they know. Liberals are way to apologetic in their nature. This is why they, in general, are perceived as being so weak. Liberals also have the very dubious distinction of originating and spreading a sentiment that is a scourge in this society: Political Correctness. 

Believe what you want, just don't expect everyone else to live by your religion's rules....and for GOD'S sake, don't kill anyone over your religious differences!. Many people use religion as a way to feel superior to most other people. If you're not in the right club, you're a loser!  Just like in Jr. High.

Dress - The world of a kid would be much simpler if there was a dress code enforced at school. Express yourself on weekends...or by achieving academically.
Discipline - Kids who are a problem should be suspended. If attendance is a problem, the parents should be fined.
Social promotion - Few things offer more incentive to do your work than the threat of being "left back".
Teachers - Why people complain about teachers making too much money is beyond me. Intelligent people should; A) be teaching our children, and B) be compensated for it competitively. Unfortunately some teachers are ill-equipped to be teachers and should be fired. Equally as unfortunate is the fact that their union(s) prevent this from happening. It's called "tenure" and it was meant to encourage the exchange of progressive ideas and theories. In reality it keeps people who deserve to be fired from being fired.
Bussing (desegregation) - Nice idea, but causes too much unnecessary resentment between groups.
Condoms - Don't pass them out, just make them available. No, they won't halt disease and teen pregnancies, but they will cut down on them, that is if a kid has an opportunity to get them without trouble. Contrary to parental belief, kids won't always listen and will take risks All you can hope for is that if they do, they'll at least be more careful. Also, kids don't have sex more because condoms are available. What unrealistic imbecile surmised that?

Teens driving privileges should be revoked until they're 21 if they're discovered smoking. Most adults who smoke are a lost cause. Anyone who defends smoking supports assisted suicide. It Slowly but surely smokers are being forbidden from lighting up around anyone, due in large part to the inconsideration the minority of smokers have shown to everybody else. The inconsideration that started this anti-smoking crusade is still obvious when you see the amount of cigarette buts dropped all over parking lots now that they have to smoke outside. It shouldn't be a surprise people have finally had enough. That being said, I do love a good cigar. If I ever walk into a drinking establishment, I expect to run into a big cloud of tobacco smoke, not this, this.....this clean air, as they call it. The push to ban smoking in casinos is almost too much to bear.

Enough persecution of those who strive to achieve financially. Flat tax is the only fair way to tax.

Term limits
There are good arguments for and against term limits, but in the end, there shouldn't be any. Why would someone vote for something that in effect takes away their right to vote for someone they want in office?


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