'86 KFRC Reunion
My first time on the air
Dan Ingram WABC Music Radio
I imitate Larry King to Larry himself
I want her baby
Casey's Coast to Coast
Me in an old, corny spot
United Flight 232 Crash
Gulf War Announcement
'72 Don Imus on KGBS Los Angeles
'82 Howard Stern on WNBC
KHJ Los Angeles Legal ID
'86 Sly Stallone calls me off the air
Ernie Anderson (the "Love Boat" guy) gets pissed
WNBC N-copter crash
Me signing off KLAV for transmitter maintenance
My news person in Philadelphia says shit on the air

(These calls, from 1984, are the product of the confluence of two (2) important factors; A) I was 19 and had plenty of free time, and B) the sudden emergence of a new telephone feature, three-way calling. It may be interesting to note that many of the elderly people in these calls are now, in all likelihood, dead.)

Call 1
Call 2
Call 3
Call 4
Call 5
Call 6
Call 7
Call 8
Call 9

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