I am a lot of things, and people have called me all of them. There is one thing I am not: Predictable.  

I donít mean that in a Unabomber kind of way. What Iím referring to is this really crazy little thing I do when Iím on the air: I think for myself! I donít worry about what other people or hosts are saying---and I donít conspire to have issue-oriented talking points consistent with some rigid, unrealistic, hackneyed ideology. 

If you hear one of my opinions, it doesn't mean you suddenly know all of my opinions. Like most people, I have opinions that range from very conservative to very liberal, depending on what's being discussed. 

Long ago, I thought radio talk show hosts were rugged individualists, unafraid to stand on their own two feet and stake out a position, consensus be dammed. These days, many talk hosts hide in a crowd, parroting nothing but political and/or ideological talking points and living in fear that they might accidentally say something that isn't consistent with their "party". Suddenly life is nothing but politics? Not exactly a reflection of reality, is it? The overwhelming majority of people DO NOT dwell on politics, but rather issues and conflicts of everyday life. THAT is what I talk about. Maybe marching in lock step with others offers some type of comfort and protection. To me it's just cowardly. To be honest, I've known a number of on-air ideologues who weren't nearly as true to their ideology off air as they'd have their audience believe. So much for integrity.

I'm not pushing any agenda, nor am I consumed with politics, unless there is a genuinely interesting story unfolding.  I use news to engage people in conversation and hopefully keep an audience entertained.

You could say I specialize in "Talk for Normal People".

Itís passionate. Itís real. Itís relatable.

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