Some of my favorite things:

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite flavor: chocolate

Favorite soft drink: Pepsi, unless I'm in Atlanta, then it's Coke.

Favorite snack food: the original Barnum's animal crackers. Mmmmm, animal crackers.

Favorite thing to smoke: A big, fat La Corona. 7.5" x 52

Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms (without shame)

Favorite alcoholic drink: When you say Bud-weiser...

Favorite antibiotic: amoxicillin

Favorite pet: Anything that's not a cat.

Favorite dog: Airedale terrier.

Favorite animal that doesn't come when you call it: Lampropeltis Getula Californiae. (California Kingsnake)

Favorite food: seafood; particularly clams, oysters, muscles, shrimp, lobster, King crab legs. Sushi.

Favorite sport: NHL Hockey. The amount of skill it takes to tip in a bullet shot from the point is unreal to me. Their speed and precision is unparalelled in professional sports. NBA basketball, which used to be my fav, has slipped to third, behind the NFL. Shit happens.

Favorite pastime: Vi-dee-o po-ka!

Favorite city: ...I want to wake up in the ci-ty that ne-ver sleeps....         

Most interesting place I've visited: Oswiencim, Poland (Auschwitz).

Least interesting place I've visited: Vacaville, CA.

Favorite place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there: ...on the board-walk in Atlan-tic Ci-ty. I do love A.C., whether it's air conditioning or Atlantic City.

Favorite place to visit: Any beach, except Santa Monica Beach.

Favorite movie: "Schindlers List"   If you have bypassed this one for any reason, it's your loss, as I doubt there will ever again be a film produced that is as powerful as this one. If you are afraid of your own emotions, this will be tough to get through. Regardless, do yourself a favor; watch it without interruption or distraction. 

Favorite artist: Billy Joel, Elton John, Lady Gaga. Does that make me sound wimpy? Gaga is uber talented.

Favorite TV shows:

 from the '50's....."Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Burns and Allen", "Life Of Riley", "Honeymooners", "Jack Benny".

 from the '60's....."Twilight Zone", "Mission Impossible", "Andy Griffith", "Dick Van Dyke", "Bonanza".

 from the '70's....."All In The Family", "Barney Miller", "Mary Tyler Moore", "Bob Newhart", "Candid Camera", "M*A*S*H".

 from the '80's....."Roseanne", "Gary Shandling", "Family Ties", "Cheers", "Night Court", "Nightline".

from the '90's....."Friends", Ally McBeal", "ER", "Real World", "48 Hours", "Politically Incorrect", "Dennis Miller Show", "Chris Rock Show". "Tom Greene Show".  

from the 2000's...."The Sopranos", Survivor", "Sex and the City", "Six Feet Under", HBO's Project Greenlight", "Curb Your Enthusiasm". (killer decade for HBO) "Mad Men".

last couple years?  LOVE "Breaking Bad". You will not see a more suspenseful and smartly written show than this one. Artistically photographed/edited. This show is not for the faint of heart.

Favorite fast food joint: White Castle

Favorite department store: I be like'n Macy's. All that tradition, don'tcha know.

Favorite TP: Charmin (1-ply, double roll)

Pet peeves: Restaurants with big, loud "Happy Birthday" routines.

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