What I think of other radio types:

Don Imus; was a great jock, good in small doses.

Howard Stern; especially good when not dwelling on sex.

Michael Savage; I don't know, maybe it's because he's from  the NYC area, like me, but I love this guy. Certainly proves I don't judge talent based on ideology!

Tom Leykis; was an outstanding talk host. Now...what's with all the T&A?

Dr. Laura; interesting to hear her ravage people dumb enough to call her.

Paul Harvey; classic, one of a kind..

Steve Dahl; the original Stern

Don Geronimo/Mike O'Meara; hysterical

Cigar Dave; Fun to hear someone so thoroughly dedicated to a subject. Plus I like cigars. He was much better before he started trying to be Rush Limbaugh. Of course you could probably say that about most talk hosts

Art Bell; Caters to morons.  (What was it PT Barnum once said?)

With few exceptions, I don't like shows with an agenda. Whether conservative or liberal, predictable = boring.


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